” Character in Engineering “

SMI Prism Topaz
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ounded in 1996, SMI is a unique engineering house with a broad base of skills designed to help innovators get their dreams to market.  Active in the development of existing and advancing state of the art technologies, the expansion of products from associated market fields to development of new, using in-house CFD, CAD & CAM,  low volume casting capabilities for proof of concept and low volume production assistance, we have assisted with projects as diverse as pelagic long haul container vessels for airplane applications, trigger and barrel testing and design,to music pick-up’s.



rovides technical engineering and manufacturing support to a varied client base, specializing in life support equipment, especially closed circuit systems, underwater accessories and training services for all aspects of technical diving.  Custom closed circuit systems and accessories, including spares and service support for the PRISM Topaz series recreational and commercial UBA and the PRISM Invader Series military closed circuit UBA. SMI has worked on developing various scrubber mediums, carbon dioxide monitoring and hyperbaric treatment packs for both the underwater and other communities, as well as emergency breathing systems for submarines.